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About Us

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  Zhejiang Gauss Magnetic Materials Co.,Ltd is a subcompany of ZheJiang Huba Group Co.,Ltd, located at Jiangshan City Zhejiang Province,is a high-tech enterprises specialized in research and development,manufacture and sale of magnetic materials.The company had invested 15 million dollors in first-stage project,now covers an area of 47000 square meters,set up an annual output of 6000 tons of high manganese zinc ferrite materials production line. The company owns the most advanced automatic powder production line and high-end testing equipment and processing equipment.

  As a powered by scientific and technological innovation of new magnetic materials production enterprises, Company in line with the concept of environmental protection and efficient innovation wholeheartedly welcome friends come to guidance.Looking forward to establish friendship and win-win cooperation.

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S国产高清在线精品一区,艾草亚洲精品国产自在现线,m3u8 国产精品双飞